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Sunburned. Still Want More Sun.

Well hello!

After visiting my dad in Scottsdale, AZ I decided to pull some strings and spend three days with Wendy in Marina Del Rey, California! What the heck. My life is a little too good to be true.

I cannot explain how lucky I feel not only to know Wendy in the first place, but to be able to spend time with her in this sunny place. To give you a taste of what I wish everyone could experience whenever they wish, here is a link to a video I took at the beach today. I was listening to one of my friend Aaron’s songs, and a great thing happened. You know when you eat something that has such a perfect combination of flavors that you can taste each thing, but at the same time each thing makes the other things taste even better DO YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN? Well that was my morning. The walk to the beach combined with the sunshine and birds flying around and the waves and Aaron’s song. All those things. So you can take a peek at what I made, and by total coincidence it seemed like the stuff I recorded fits with different parts of the song — one specifically that made me laugh out loud when I saw how it synced up. Yay planet!

Since I missed the sunset tonight, I’m going to walk down in time for the sunrise tomorrow. I think Emma MIGHT be coming to visit tomorrow, and possibly another friend from MN, we’ll see. Tonight Wendy and I are going to watch Downton Abbey at her brother’s house which sounds GREAT TO ME. Last night I went along to the house where Wendy nannys twins. They are crazy little primal funny monkey 2-year-olds that I wish I could hang out with more than just once. Maybe I’ll go back again. I don’t want to talk about money too much, but if you would like to talk about rich people in Southern California, let’s talk about this family and their insane condo where we ate snacks and watched TV until the parents came home (later than anticipated, so Wendy and I ended up watching one and a half Sister Acts on TV). That was one long day, after waking up with the sun in AZ, then flying one time zone west and staying up til after midnight. FUN ‘CAUSE IT’S VACATION.


Wendy thinks I should get over trying to find the perfect place in Northfield and just move there ASAP. I’m starting to agree with her, even though I wouldn’t get my wish of only moving one time. Who knows what the heck to do.

Southern California is classic car heaven. That’s all I have to say about that.

Arizona was GREAT. Right when we (Alison, Julia and I) arrived, Dad wanted to plan everything out. Alison and Julia were not so enthused about planning out every minute, but I was DOWN FOR THAT. Probably because my normal life is so lax right now that constant activities were exciting. We went hiking (hurt my foot), horseback riding (hurt my knees), and ate out QUITE a few times. Yay! Free everything! I basically budgeted zero dollars for the Arizona portion of my trip and it turns out I could have bet negative dollars for the trip because Dad hemorrhaged money. Not really, but we all got new sunglasses which BY THE WAY I am so in love with these crazy sunglasses LOOK:


We also met up with our Great-Aunt Salli, which was GOOD. We all went out for dinner at this gamble of an Italian restaurant that turned out to be ideal. The waiter (possibly the owner?) was Italian, and his big personality bothered Salli JUST enough to be funny, but not so much that she really complained. I made the reservation online and there was a special arrangements text box where I wrote that we required a quieter table for my dear Aunt Salli, whom we frequently need to excuse (THIS IS TRUE). I thought that would be FUNNY for the host to read, but TO MY HORROR she halfway told everyone about it. Really she just asked if there was an Aunt Salli in the party, then told Salli that she was infamous. This was not news to Salli. I don’t remember if she reads this blog or not, but she can take a joke, right? RIGHT? I would show a photo from this dinner, but the only evidence is on my dad’s camera. So it could be years til we see those.

Sorry to start at the end, jump to the start, and end at the middle part but BOY was it fun to go from the dry, dusty desert to the OCEAN. Palm trees! Tomorrow I am just going to sit in the mist from the breaking waves and breathe deeply for an hour. That is my plan. I go back day after tomorrow, so there are only so many minutes between now and then to enjoy being outdoors. Apparently the low in Minneap is -11 tonight. Ish.

WELL now Wendy and I are going to watch Downton in Manhattan Beach, see yaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

We Have This Shelf

When Charley and I helped our friend Daniel move into his new apartment, we all went to Ikea. During that trip we bought a very simple, very not-a-big-deal shelf. It’s literally a piece of wood with hardware to attach it to the wall. Fast forward to last night when we returned to the apartment from Cannon Falls with every instrument and piece of equipment we need for recording Charley’s album. I went to bed with everything in chaos, and when I woke up there was a fully assembled drum kit in the bedroom, and the entire living room was reorganized (I would say thanks Char but he doesn’t read this crap). How nice! To have a new living space, and to reassess the usefulness of furniture and of things in general. So this brings us back to my current position, sitting at my nice lil desk in a lil corner of the living room. “Wouldn’t it be nice,” I thought, “to paint that shelf flat black to match the desk, and hang it THERE?”


The shelf was intended for the kitchen. But, dear readers, we just never put it up. And now I am staring this in the face: I don’t want to invest in this space AT ALL! And I know I should get over it and just pretend I’m not moving but….but….


I want to be living in Northfield. Over the last few months I have searched high and low, brought up apartment searching in every conversation with everyone, and generally made a constant effort to find us a HOME. But here we are, January 11th, and still I’m having this inner argument about maybe we shouldn’t/aren’t supposed to move, blah blah universe, me being one half of a partnership that seems to be doing alright in Minneap.


What the heck ever man, I’ve been over this so many times it’s like the freaking Bb concert scale in middle school band YOU KNOW WHAT I’M SAYIN


Maybe if I put up this shelf it will make me feel like this is where I should be.

Or maybe I’m going traveling in five days and who gives a crap at this point and we have a PIANO so moving would be expensive and pffthtthhtththhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!


I want a kitchen I can really work in. The counter space is I’M GOING TO GO MEASURE IT : 4.5′ wide and 1.5′ deep HOWEVER from my height, I can only SEE about 7″ deep. I have to slouch down and duck into the space under the cabinets to do anything. That’s the biggest thing on my nerves right at this second, but that changes every…always? Wouldn’t it be nice, for example, if Clem had a room? Or like, a place where we could shut all her talking toys away?


But here we are. We could move to Northfield immediately if we wanted something smaller but more expensive than our current apartment. But that’s some bullshit and I want to move to Northfield ONCE. I’ve never looked for a real home before, where people are going to be growing together for …uh…life? For life? We want to find THE place (at least for the rest of our lives as renters), and that’s why I’m afraid this process will never end.


Turns out two colleges means rent in Northfield is minimum 20% higher than neighboring towns. Didn’t think of that. Thought it would be cheaper to rent in Northfield than in Minneapolis. But wait — I am forgetting how rad this deal is that we came upon completely by luck when I came home from Denmark. Some unusual circumstances made our apartment the nicest in our building while remaining the same price as the rest. So. It’s hard to know how to compare things. In life. Ever.


Christmas was nice. We went to my dad’s brother’s new farm in Southern MN. After spending two days there, the city seems even LESS appealing to me than before. I love Minneapolis. I also love the quiet, rural, small town, look up at the stars, walk in the middle of the street, unlocked doors, work on your projects, know most people you pass by, one finger wave thing, you know? DON’TCHA KNOW?


Yesterday I found my dream life in a photo:


Apparently this guy's dog "hunts" him all the way to the mailbox every day, then tackles him and steals his boots.

Apparently this guy’s dog “hunts” him all the way to the mailbox every day, then tackles him and steals his boots.


On the 15th I’m going to Scottsdale with Alison and Julia for five days, then going to Las Vegas to visit Paige, then to Marina Del Rey to visit Wendy. Time to find out how this working while traveling thing is going to work…

The Person I Want To Be

drinks a lot of tea

doesn’t create problems out of nothing

listens carefully

is cookin’

is patient with all people and situations

is inwardly and outwardly honest

doesn’t criticize others

makes music more often

cleans the bathroom regularly

We Went To Chicago. Also Thanksgiving Happened.

To celebrate two years of like liking each other, Charley and I went to Chicago. We went to see our favorite band called Tame Impala. Charley had NEVER BEEN ON AIRPLANE. I was so excited about the whole thing that I had to actively force myself not to ruin it for him with my constant narration of how great everything was. Here are some photos:

–wait BEFORE THE PHOTOS, props to the RadioK DJ who played a Tame Impala song AS WE WERE ON OUR WAY TO THE AIRPORT. What the heck, universe? And of course THANK you to Carrie who dropped us off. We would have been sad to take public transit at 4AM to make the flight.


6:20AM, playing it cool.




He was stuck like this the entire time


We visited the art institute.



Charley looked like this guy in this painting



One of the great moments of the trip was zooming up in an elevator to see the city at night. I knew that, for the low low price of $17.50 each we could go to the top of the Sears Tower or the John Hancock building. What I found out RIGHT before we headed out was that there’s a restaurant and a bar on the 96th floor of the John Hancock building (that’s two floors ABOVE the observation deck). So we found this barely marked elevator that had the following floor options:




So we spent too much money on a bottle of wine at the Signature Lounge and just looked OUT. It was wonderful because the money we would have spent just to go up the elevator made our evening seem WAY less overpriced. And I mean whatever, look:





Lots more happened during our very short trip, but I didn’t take as many photos as I typically do. Charley has some GREAT photos on his stinking iPhone but technology is failing us as far as getting them to ME. So next time you see him, tell him to send me those photos, especially the really great one of the skyline that he had to sit on his butt to get the right angle for because it’s SO GOOD.


We took the Megabus home and Charley nabbed the front two seats on the upper deck. I have never enjoyed a road trip more! Try it sometime, you don’t have to drive or do anything, there’s a HUUUUGE window in front of you that puts the world on display for you and you are HIGH UP. Just legroom galore in that front seat. Mm.





It was a wonderful trip, and I’m so glad we did it.


Thanksgiving, you guys! I haven’t had one in TWO YEARS, because I was living in Denmark last year and all I got was my family Skyping me during the feast that I am constantly drooling over in my head….So that was nice to see them all enjoying it and WHATEVER. What. Ever. But my friends, this year was a glorious, GLORRRRIOUS feast. Best in my memory.IMG_20121122_135349


Charley and Clam came along to our Thanksgiving at Aunt Jeri’s. I was so glad they came along. We were all running around with Clemmy and exploring. If my memory serves me, she called this “my area” where she would go when the people were too loud. Sometime later in the night I walked over to find her in this position:



Funny thing, that’s also MY area for when the people get to loud.


So that’s what we’ve been up to. Thanks for reading, more soon OR ELSE.

Welcome Back!

Back to the world of mad3lyn.


Whenever I leave huge spans of time between posts, the number one reason I don’t want to update this thing is because there’s SO MUCH TO CATCH UP ON. True, there are no requirements to keeping what is basically a public journal on the Internet, but I do feel like I owe it to whoever reads this to summarize the past…months… so off we go:

The bike I was using as a replacement for the bike that was stolen out of the basement of our building was stolen from my workplace. Thankfully our good friend Ian is loaning me a FAST road bike for as long as it takes for me to find/buy a replacement for the replacement. I quit my job at the Hyatt because I don’t deal well with management taking advantage of hard workers. Also, that breakfast shift is a killer. I’m now working for the family biz, which is so sweet that it makes me feel crazy. I work gloriously flexible hours from anywhere with Internet access, and as soon as I’m responsible enough to manage my flexible lifestyle, I will rule the world.

Charmander and I are looking for an apartment in Northfield, but the lack of nice apartments here is SURPRISING. Char has some wicked sweet opportunities in the Northfield area, plus I just crave to hide away for the winter in not a big city. PLUS if I really do start to travel more because of this flexible job, I would rather my home base be Northfield than Minneapolis. SO. Please let me know if you hear about a rental property that doesn’t suck, because we are on the lookout.


More to come on this WHIRLWIND of a life I’m living.




August Happened. Summer Happened.

LIFE! Life is the thing that happens without you while you’re working a full-time job you don’t really care about.

Here I am, one unbelievably flawless trip later. You know, it doesn’t need to be about extreme highs. This very short trip we just took to South Dakota was just exactly what the doctor ordered for all four of us, it seemed. Speaking only for myself, I enjoyed the anticipation and the victorious exit from the crazy amount of work I’d been doing at the restaurant. The fact was that by default, we had no specific goals for this trip. We all sort of fell into it, and therefore were happy with every possible activity (or non-activity). Life lesson here? Perhaps?

Throughout this trip my phone(/camera) was emergency only, both power- and service-wise. With that said, here are the photos that I took or stole:


This is why you should always bring a frying pan when camping. I’m used to camping with air-temperature foods. Like apples and peanut butter and old cheese. But this was SO LUXURIOUS.



I snapped this delightful pic of Carrie after we climbed a big rock. Someday when we go back, we will camp at that spot we accidentally discovered.



We climbed Harney Peak and felt like superheroes. I’m kicking myself for not taking pictures every thirty minutes of this trip. Ugh.


We visited Alliya and Ben, and I SO wished we could have stayed longer. Like twice as long.


Back in MN, I’m in my head a lot of the time, wondering about money and how the heck I’m going to be creative and make money at the same time. Student loan payments? I don’t know anything about that stuff other than I already owe over $60 in interest on unsubsidized loans. So what the expletive am I supposed to do here? Also, do I start building good credit with a credit card, only using it for the electric bill? And only paying off most but not all of it? Or something about working full time in Northfield in ten months? Job hunt?




I’ve gone down to part time at my job at the restaurant because otherwise I would need to do 2 double shifts per week every week. That’s some bs. So now I’m part time and am sleeping and loving and doing and reading things again. The goal is now to find an alternative source of income in all my new free time. This will be exciting!


I’m feeling very scatterbrained so I’m going to make a spreadsheet of my life and run around outside. Three days off in a row! Northfield!